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Worried your car won't pass its upcoming MOT test? Make sure your vehicle has no potential failure areas with an MOT check from James Logan Cars of Carrickfergus.


Our experienced mechanics will go over your car with a fine-toothed comb to ensure that there are no nasty costly surprises when it's time for your MOT.


Don't leave your MOT pass to chance; call our expert assessment team today.

Act now and save money on expensive MOT test failures

If your business uses Public Service Vehicles such as taxis or minibuses; you'll be aware that the annual required PSV test is even more rigorous than an MOT test for a private vehicle. Don't get caught out by hidden costs caused by a PSV test fail by having your taxi or minibus pre-test checked by our PSV assessment experts.


Call our test-checking team today to find out how we can help you pass your PSV with pride.

Prepare for your PSV test

Need to pass your MOT or PSV test? Call the test preparation experts at James Logan Cars of Carrickfergus today

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